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Quality,  Health & Safety Policy

We are committed to caring for orphans and their equivalents (18 years or under) ,  integrating them into society ,  contributing to providing safe and secure care for them ,  their stability in alternative foster families by contributing to support for their access to the necessary educational, health, psychological and legal services With a high level of quality, health & safety that meets their requirements and needs.

Our working methodology is based on applying the best management  practices, adherence to quality , occupational health & safety standards, adapting the latest educational and psychological methods, information technology, legal compliance, and protecting their privacy in order  to achieve excellence in providing support and care to orphans both inside and outside the shelter and with their incubating families in a way  that reflects our uniqueness and is in line with our values.

To achieve this, we are committed to:

• Comply with relevant laws and regulations  related to occupational  health & safety, including compliance with the requirements of the State of Qatar for occupational health & safety , the requirements of the Ministry of Social Development, the regulatory authorities for our field of work, and the requirements of the Occupational Health & Safety Standard.

• Provide the necessary resources to comply with this policy and the requirements of the Quality, Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

• Setting quality health & safety   goals based on strategic objectives. 

Reviewing these objectives & goals periodically and during management review meetings based on evaluation data analysis.

• Identifying and assessing occupational safety risks and opportunities in order to prevent incidents & capture opportunities.

• Prevent work related injuries, occupational diseases and support the health and welfare of workers and orphans.

• Continuous review systems and regulations in accordance with the requirements of our business partners, and with relevant laws and legislations for the incubation and care of the orphans.

• Continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Quality, Health& Safety Management System and the continuous follow-up of our strategic goals and objectives through measuring and evaluating the performance of our system. 

• Continuous improvement on our service provision to achieve customer satisfaction.

• We are committed to consultation with & participation of workers & their representatives.

We do that while Adopting the hadith of our Messenger Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him: (Allah loves if one of you does a job that he mastered).