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Quality policy

We at the Orphan Care Center - DREAMA, are committed to look after the orphans (18 years and younger), integrate them with the community and participate in providing the needed care for them, make sure they are stable with their surrogate families by helping in giving the needed support in their education services, health services, psychological services and legal services in a high quality that meets their needs and demands.

Our work procedures is based on implementing the best administration practices, utilizing the latest educational, psychological, information technology and legal procedures. We protect the family’s privacy to achieve the excellence in service providing for the orphans living in the orphan’s care center and outside living with the surrogate families, in a way that will show our unique style and in accordance with our values.

The quality goals are based on the strategic outcomes of DREAMA. The assessment of achieving these goals is done through regular administrative review meetings based on evaluation and data analysis.

To achieve that, we commit to:
  • continues revision for work processes and procedures, and develop it in a balanced way, that will match the requirements of our partners, and laws and legislations that deals with the orphan’s care and wellbeing.
  • continues improvement for the effectiveness of quality control system while continuously monitoring our goals and strategic targets.
  • continues evaluation of the ways we deliver our services in a way that grants the satisfaction our clients.

Following the principles of instructions of Profit Mohamed, peace and blessings upon him, where he said: “whoever is working on something should make sure to perfect it.”

Mrs. Maryam Ali Al Mis​sned,

Executive Director - DREAMA,​​​