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Overview on Dreama

The Orphans Care Center Dreama was established in the year 2002 in aims to provide the necessary care for our children and ensuring  they are placed in stable incubating families to integrate them into the community, whilst developing the awareness about the importance of incubation.  The center has been working since 2013 under the auspices of  Qatar Social Work which is affiliated to the Ministry of Social Development and Family

Our Vision

A pioneering center in taking care of orphans and integrating them into the community. 

Our Mission

In consistence with the mission of Qatar Social Work, we contribute in providing the necessary care for the targeted children in the State of Qatar and placing them in stable incubating families to integrate 

Our Values

Inspired by the values of Qatar Social Work, we commit to serving our children through the following values :

  • Responsibility
  • Privacy
  • Equality
  • Partnership

Our Strategic Goals

  • Providing the necessary care to the targeted children to achieve their stability in alternative incubator families and integrating them into society.
  • Reducing the number of children in the internal care facility to the lowest possible number.
  • Building and developing institutional capacities.

The Dreama Flower

The Dreama Flower which blossoms on a plant  that is well known to grow in the state of Qatar.  It grows in hard grounds and tough climatic conditions hence it was chosen as a symbol for the Center as it signifies the strength of our children. The flower is beautiful with shades of pink and violet petals, which also reflects the beauty and innocence of our children.


  • Each child whose parents are dead; temporarily or permanently deprived of a normal family environment, not exceeding 18 years. 
  • Each child whose parents are unknown; temporarily or permanently deprived of a normal family environment, not exceeding 18 years

Our Services

  • Providing alternative incubating families for children and ensuring their stability in such families.
  • Training incubator families on dealing with children with view to ensuring their psychological stability.
  • Educating the society on the importance of incubations
  • Providing psychological counseling to incubating families and incubated children.
  • Legal services.
  • Social services  .
  • Educational services .
  • Health Services .

Dreama’s Fostering Affairs Committee is Competent with the following:

  • Propose the general policy for the family care system and forward such a policy to Qatar Social Work for approval
  • Study the foster families applications after conducting the social and psychological survey on the families and selecting the appropriate ones by the committee;
  • Study the fostering abolition requests and forward its recommendations to the competent court.

Incubating conditions:

  • To be a Qatari Muslim family consisting of two righteous spouses
  • The age of the spouses shall not be less than twenty-five years and not more than fifty year of age
  • The spouses should enjoy good conduct and behavior
  • The family should be able to take care of the child socially and psychologically
  •  The family should be financially able to provide for its members including the incubated child
  • The medical examination proves that the family is free of infectious diseases and mental, psychological and behavioral disorders
  • The committee may add other conditions or procedures to ensure the interest of the incubating child and his/her care.