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Overview on Dreama

Dreama, orphan care centre, was established under the patronage of Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser, and was officially declared in 2002. The centre started operation since 2013 under the umbrella of the Qatar Social Work.

Our Vision

A pioneering center in taking care of orphans and integrating them into the community..

Our Mission

In consistence with the mission of Qatar Social Work, we contribute in providing necessary care for the targeted categories in the State of Qatar and stabilizing them into the alternative foster families and integrating them into the community.

Our Values

We are inspired by the values of Qatar Social Work, and we are committed to the following values in serving the targeted category:

  • Responsibility
  • Privacy
  • Equality
  • Partnership

Our Strategic Goals

  • Maintain a safe and stable environment for the targeted categories;
  • Reduce the number of cases in the orphanage to the least possible number;
  • Build and develop the institutional capabilities.

The Dreama Flower

The dreama Flower is natural vegetation which grows in the state of Qatar .It was chosen as symbol of the foundation because it signifies strength and grows in hard ground and tough climatic conditions . The flower is beautiful with blue and violet colours  , and it reflects the beauty and innocence of our children

Targeted Categories

  • Each child whose parents are dead; temporarily or permanently deprived of a normal family environment, not exceeding 18 years. 
  • Each child whose parents are unknown; temporarily or permanently deprived of a normal family environment, not exceeding 18 years

Our Services

  • Maintain alternative foster families and ensure their stability with the said families
  • Train the foster families on how to inform the fostered children of their status and protect their psychological conditions
  • Raise the community’s awareness on the importance of taking care of the children
  • Provide the psychological guidance for the foster families and the fostered children
  • Provide the social services (get the social insurance card)
  • Legal services
  • Educational services
  • Medical services
  • Matrimonial services for sons and daughters

Dreama’s Fostering Affairs Committee is Competent with the following:

  • Propose the general policy for the family care system and forward such a policy to Qatar Social Work for approval
  • Study the foster families applications after conducting the social and psychological survey on the families and selecting the appropriate ones by the committee;
  • Study the fostering abolition requests and forward its recommendations to the competent court.

Fostering Terms:

  • It must be a Qatari family who is permanently residing in Qatar
  • It must be composed of a husband and a wife (in exceptional cases, a single woman may be accepted)
  • The age of the couple should not be less than 25 years and not to exceed 45 years
  • Submission of a child fostering application (fill out a fostering application form)
  • Both husband and wife agree to foster the child in writing
  • Both applicants for the fostering of a child must be of a good conduct and economically, ethically, socially, medically and psychologically qualified for fostering and taking care of a child
  • Approval by the Dreama’ Child Fostering Committee
  • Commit in writing to registering the child in a school at the schooling age
  • Priority to be given to the family who has a baby at the time of application or one of its first grade relative having a similar case
  • The family undertakes to gradually inform the orphan of his / her status in coordination with the Social Services Division
  • The family undertakes to find an alternative sponsor to take care of the child in case it goes through emergency conditions like disability or death.